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Four men walking on a crosswalk.
An innocent baby swimming towards a dollar bill.
A punk smashing his guitar on stage.
All iconic album covers.


Vinylmood originated from the idea that album covers should not be hidden in boxes. As a true fan of vinyl, I am amazed by the artwork of album covers. Small works of art. Just like the music, they bring back emotions, and memories of good times. Great memories should not be hidden, they should be displayed. But there is nothing available to display album covers properly. That is why I created Vinylmood.


A stylishly designed collector’s item that truly enhances to the artwork. Individually handcrafted in the Netherlands, with unmistakable quality, texture and character of wood. A unique item to enable fans to showcase their favorite vinyl records.


Rutger Leeuwenkuijl
Vinylmood, Amsterdam